Purchasing Process

House Buying Process at a Glance

Having decided that IPG is your preferred realtor, the Basics of Purchasing a Home are as follows:-

  1. Decide on the type of property that you desire
  2. Select a defined area where you wish to have your home
  3. Draw up list of must haves
  4. Decide how much you want to pay
  5. Let IPG organise pre-approval of a mortgage through their finance department
  6. Draw up a short list of homes to view
  7. View selected properties
  8. Negotiate price and terms
  9. Place formal offer
  10. Pay deposit on acceptance of offer
  11. Receive fully executed contract 
  12. Title company will carry out title search and title commitment
  13. Sign closing documents
  14. Pay for the property in full
  15. Pick up the keys to your new home in the Sunshine State